Nothing looks quite like true letterpress. The subtle impression takes a bite out of the paper giving it feel not achievable any other way.

Whether or not your recipient knows what letterpress is, they will surely know that you sought out craftsmen like us to do your job. 

The thicks and thins, and the subtle textures are sure to set your piece apart from others.

All of our plates are engraved "in house", the ink colors are mixed by eye, and the registration done by hand.

We offer a wide range of papers but mostly rely on paper that is 100% cotton. We stock both 2 ply and 4 ply.

Everyone who gets one of your invitations or cards will certainly comment on how beautiful they are!

Letterpress Printing

Creative Letterpress Inc.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations and Business cards.



Creative Letterpress Inc. 737 North Lake Street, Burbank, California 91502  

           Edge Gilding, Gold Edges letterpress wedding invitations